Zoey Ragland is a human character.


Zoey is an optimistic, kind-hearted girl who is exceedingly easy to get along with. Unfortunately for her, she is also lonely, as she is an only child who did not grow up with any friends. She is very apologetic and has a compulsive need of seeking the approval of others. Her strive to see the best in people can lead her to be easily fooled by antagonists. Zoey values her relationships with others and, even when interacting with someone she doesn't like, will validate their safety and well-being when appropriate. On the other hand, one should not take her kindness for granted. If pushed enough, she will release a darker side usually kept under control.



  • Mike (boyfriend)
  • Cameron
  • Leshawna
  • Gwen
  • Jacob


  • Paige
  • Heather


  • The First Day
  • Jacob and the Bully


  • Zoey is based on a character of the same name from the Cartoon Network series Total Drama.
  • Zoey's last name is a tribute to Christopher Ragland, who currently voices Percy in the television series in the US.


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