This page is for all the episodes in season 2.


  1. Sierra's Birthday Adventure
  2. James and the New Engine
  3. A New Friend For Rosie
  4. Maddox and the Signal
  5. Diesel's New Friend
  6. Insignificant
  7. Blisters
  8. Twin Day
  9. James' Day Out
  10. Murdoch and Neville
  11. A Dirty Day For Daniel
  12. An Arlesdale Adventure
  13. A Bad Day For Diesel
  14. A Day For The Diesels
  15. Quadruplets
  16. Quads, Quarries, and Quarrels
  17.  Kids and Quarrels
  18. Demo Day
  19. Paige Returns
  20. Crystal Island Adventure
  21. Little Engines Can Do Big Things
  22. Jack of Many Trades
  23. Marion Makes A Move
  24. Rosie's Old Friend
  25. Rose's Backstory
  26. Marie's Backstory
  27. Dawn and Levi's Backstory
  28. Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's Backstory
  29. Futbol
  30. Brady and the Famous Visitor


Mallory may appear.

Characters Introduced


  • This is the first season to feature Bill and Ben the Twin Engines as writer.
  • This season features the first collaboration episode, Kids and Quarrels, being a collaboration between Jacobacranmer, Jamesicranmer, and Bill and Ben the Twin Engines.


New Characters

Insignificant Gallery

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