This page is for all the episodes in season 1.


  1. Emily to the Rescue
  2. Memories, Sweet, Sweet Memories
  3. Saving Benjamin
  4. Rosie. Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome Trucks
  5. Back In Service
  6. Dockyard Tales
  7. Homesick
  8. Childhood Memories
  9. The Best Start to Summer
  10. Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain Adventure
  11. Cassie's Birthday Surprise
  12. A Surprise for Jacob
  13. A Birthday Surprise for Caroline
  14. Sir Handel and the Baking Soda
  15. Toby and the Subway Car
  16. Earls and Passengers
  17. Trouble For Diesel 10
  18. Jacob and the Famous Visitor
  19. Smudger Returns
  20. Donald, Douglas, and the Trouble with Leaves
  21. Gordon and the Railway Choice Awards
  22. No Hamburgers for Duck
  23. Emily's Arianating Experience
  24. Paxton and the New Diesel
  25. Murdoch's Money Madness
  26. Harvey and the Railway Inspectors
  27. Butch Proves A Point


Characters Introduced

  • Brady
  • Olivia
  • Kylie
  • Benjamin


Emily to the Rescue