• Season: 4
  • Episode: 16

Rose is the 16th episode of season 4.


One day, Jackie was working at Knapford yard. Then, Rose oiled in. Sir Topham Hatt had ordered her to help Jackie shunt there. She oiled up to Jackie.

“You must be Jaqueline,” Rose said.

“Yes, I am. Who are you?” Jackie asked.

“I'm Rose,” replied Rose, “I usually help my friends at the Dieselworks, but today, Sir Topham Hatt sent me to work here instead.”

“Why?” Jackie asked.

“He said you needed help,” Rose answered, “But I'm not surprised. After all, we diesels are much stronger and more reliable than steamies.”

“I don't need help, especially from a diesel,” Jackie protested.

Then, Rosie and Thomas pulled into the station.

It was their turn to take the Express while the big engines were still shut up in the shed.

“Jackie, we're ready for our coaches,” said Rosie.

“You got it,” said Jackie and she puffed to the station with the express coaches. When she got there Rosie and Thomas said goodbye and thank you and then they puffed out of the station. When Jackie puffed back into the yard, Rose was waiting. She hadn't done any shunting!

“Come on, you were sent here to shunt, so shunt,” Jackie commanded.

“Sir Topham Hatt thinks I need to learn to shunt. He is mistaken. We diesels don't need to learn. We know everything. We come to a yard and improve it. We are revolutionary,” said Rose.

“Oh,” said Jackie, “If you're revo-thingummy, perhaps you would collect my cars while I fetch Oliver's coaches.”

Rose, delighted to show off, purred away. When Jackie returned, Rose was trying to take some cars from a siding. They were old and empty. They hadn't been touched in a long time. Rose found them hard to move. Pull-Push-Backwards-Forwards.

“Oh! Oh!” Groaned the cars, “We can't! We won't!”

Jackie watched with interest. Rose lost patience.

“Grr!” she roared and gave a great heave.

The cars jerked forward.

“Oh! Oh!” They screamed, “We can't! We won't!”

Some of their brakes snapped and the gear jammed in the sleepers.

“Grrr!” Rose growled.

“Ha! ha! ha!” Jackie giggled.

Rose recovered and tried to push the cars back, but they wouldn't move. Jackie ran quietly round to collect the other cars.

“Thank you for arranging these, Rose. I must go now,” said Jackie.

“Don't you want this lot?”

“No, thank you, Rose.”

Rose gulped.

“And I've taken all this trouble. Why didn't you tell me?”

“You never asked me. Besides,” said Jackie, “you were having so much fun being rev-whatever-it-was-you-said. Goodbye.”

“Grrrr!” Rose had to help the workmen clean up the mess. She hated it! All the cars were laughing at her.

“Grrrr!” Rose growled and scuttled away to sulk in the sheds.

The next day, Rose was still sulking. The trucks were still laughing rudely at her. Jackie was horrified.

“Shut up!” She ordered and bumped them hard, “I'm sorry the cars were rude to you, Rose.”

Rose was still furious.

“It's all your fault. You made them laugh at me,” she said.

“Nonsense,” said Murdoch, “We engines have our differences, but we never talk about them to the cars. That would be dis…dis…”

“Disgraceful!” said Ralph.

“Disgusting!” put in Jordyn.

“Despicable!” finished Murdoch.

Rose hated Jackie. She wanted her to be sent away, so she made a plan. She was going to tell lies about Jackie. Later that day, she spoke to the cars.

“I see you like jokes. You made a good joke about me yesterday. I laughed and laughed. Jackie told me one about Jordyn. I'll whisper it to you.”

And she sniggered away.

“Haw! Haw! Haw!” laughed the cars, “Jordyn will be cross with Jackie when she knows. Let's tell her and get back at Jackie for bumping us.”

They laughed rudely as the engines went by.

Soon Jordyn, Ralph, and Murdoch found out why.

“Disgraceful!” said Ralph.

“Disgusting!” said Jordyn.

“Despicable!” said Murdoch, “We cannot allow it.”

They consulted together.

“Yes,” they said.

Jackie was tired out. The cars had been cheeky and troublesome. She wanted to rest in the shed. The three engines barred her way.

“Hoooosh! Keep out!” said the engines.

“Stop fooling,” said Jackie, “I'm tired.”

“So are we,” hissed the engines, “We are tired of you. We like Rose. We don't like you. You tell tales about us to the cars!”

“I don't.”

“You do.”

“I don't.”

“You do.”

Sir Topham Hatt came to stop the noise.

“Jackie called me a galloping sausage,” spluttered Jordyn.

“...rusty blue scrap iron,” hissed Ralph.

“...I'm old square wheels,” fumed Murdoch.

“Well, Jaqueline?”

Jackie considered.

“I only wish, Sir,” she said gravely, “That I had thought of those names myself. If the dome fits…”

“She made cars laugh at us,” accused the engines.

Sir Topham Hatt recovered. He'd been trying not to laugh himself.

“Did you, Jaqueline?”

“Certainly not, Sir. No steam engine would do something as mean as that.” Jackie replied.

Rose lurked up.

“Now, Rose, you heard what Jaqueline said,” said Sir Topham Hatt.

“I can't understand it, Sir. To think that Jaqueline, of all engines...I'm dreadfully grieved, Sir, but no nothing,” replied Rose.

“I see,” said Sir Topham Hatt. Rose squirmed and hoped he didn't, but he did.

“I'm sorry Rose, but you must go back to the Dieselworks for a while,” said Sir Topham Hatt, “I know Diesel 10 will be glad to see you again.”

“Yes, Sir,” Rose said and oiled away while Jackie smirked with triumph.


  • Rose
  • Jackie
  • Rosie
  • Thomas (does not speak)
  • Murdoch
  • Jordyn
  • Ralph
  • Diesel (mentioned; not named)
  • James (mentioned; not named)
  • Gordon (mentioned; not named)
  • Marie (mentioned; not named)
  • Den (mentioned; not named)
  • Henry (mentioned; not named)
  • Dart (mentioned; not named)
  • Diesel 10 (mentioned)
  • Oliver (engine) (mentioned)
  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • This episode marks the first of several things:
    • Jordyn's first appearance
    • Rose's first speaking role since the season 2 episode, Rose's Backstory
    • Ralph's first speaking role since his debut.
  • This episode is an adaptation of the season 2 episodes Pop Goes the Diesel and Dirty Work .


  • Throughout the episode, Rose is missing her name and number.


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