Mallory is a human character. She is Jacob's ex-girlfriend.


Mallory is a nice girl, but she tends to hold grudges. After breaking up with Jacob in Homeick, she became one of his enemies, alongside Paige, and in Paige Returns, the two were put in prison for theft. However, in Jacob and the Bully, she turned against Paige and became Jacob's friend once again.


Season 1

  • Homesick (mentioned)

Season 2

  • Paige Returns
  • Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's Backstory (mentioned)

Season 3

  • The First Day
  • Jacob and the Bully
  • Jacob, Mallory, Paige, and the Election
  • Jacob and Sierra's Big Scene


  • "...Mallory is beautiful."
    • Jacob, Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's Backstory, season 2

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