Leshawna O'Mara is a human character.


Leshawna can either be one's greatest ally or worst enemy, but she would much prefer to be their friend. She is loyal and sassy, yet affectionate, caring, and if shown respect, she will reciprocate it indefinitely. Leshawna tells it like it is and has no fear whatsoever of calling people out on their mistakes.


  • The First Day
  • Jacob and the Bully



  • Jacob
  • Sierra
  • Mike
  • Cameron
  • Zoey
  • Gwen


  • Heather
  • Paige


  • Leshawna is based on a character of the same name from the Cartoon Network series Total Drama.
  • Leshawna's last name is a tribute to Rebecca O'Mara, who currently plays Caitlin in the television series.


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