Kylie's Accident is the fourth episode of season 4.


It was wintertime on the Island of Sodor. There was heavy snow on the island and the engines had to work really hard to clear the snow from the rails. There were often accidents during the winter season due to the icy rails, like when Paxton derailed to to a heavy Christmas tree falling off his flatbed. And when Kevin got stuck in the snow outside of the Steamworks, and Victor thought he had gone to the Depot. And when Rosie and Oliver were taking a train of stone to Brendam Docks, but couldn't stop and crashed in Henry's Forest. One day, Brady and Percy were plowing the rails.

"Keep going Percy. You know what I always say. Just keep puffing, just keep puffing," Brady said.

"Right," said Percy, "Just keep puffing, just keep puffing."

Laater that day, Brady was taking some salt to Knapford to melt the ice on the walkways. Brady came to a sharp bend, but he was going too fast. And then there was trouble! Brady and his train derailed!




  • When Rosie, Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome Trucks is referenced, it says that Rosie and Oliver were taking stone to Brendam, but it was just Rosie.


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