Kira is a human character.


Kira is a kind and adventurous girl. She's up for anything, as long as her friends are too. She, like her great grandfather Sir Topham Hatt, loves the engines as though they were family. She is friends with Jacob , Sierra , Cassie , and Caroline .She is 13 years old. Her favorite color is green and her favorite engine is Emily.


Sir Topham Hatt (great grandfather)

Bridgett Hatt (mother)

Brady (little brother)


The Search for the Controllers Part 1

The Search for the Controllers Part 2

The Search For The Controllers Part 3

Rosie, Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome Trucks

Home Sweet Home

Back in Service

Dockyard Tales

Homesick (does not speak)

Childhood Memories (mentioned)

Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain Adventure

Cassie's Birthday Surprise

She may appear in The Best Start To Summer and The New Bridge.