Katie (full name Katelyn Donaldson) is a human character. She is the sister of Brianna and Trent .


Katie is a kind girl. She has stwaberry blonde hair. It is revealed in the season 3 episode Homecoming that she likes Jacob as she asked him to the homecoming dance, to which he polietly reject due to already being asked by Katie's sister, Brianna. This enfuriated Katie as she really wanted to go with him, but in the end, Jacob ends up telling Brianna what happened and he goes to the homecoming dance with Katie instead.



Season 3

  • The First Day
  • Homecoming
  • Jacob, Mallory, Paige, and the Election
  • Jacob and the Bully
  • Jacob's Old Friend
  • The Talent Show
  • Jacob's Trip to the Hospital
  • Jacob and Connor
  • Jacob and Sierra's big Scene
  • A Bad Day for Jacob
  • Jacob Gets Cleared
  • All Is Revealed 
  • The Playoffs
  • The Concert

Season 4

  • Tale of the Missing Christmas Presents

She may appear in Jacob's Babysitting Adventure and Natasha and the Bullies. She will appear in future episodes.

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