This page is about Jacob's relationships with others.


Caroline is Jacob's younger sister. They get along very well.



Rylie is Jacob's cousin. They are also best friends. Rylie is 8 months younger than Jacob. They get along very well.


Mallory is Jacob's ex-girlfriend. After the breakup, they became enemies as Mallory began to team up with Paige. However, in Jacob and the Bully, the two became friends.


  • "Mallory is beautiful."
    • Jacob, Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's backstory, season 2



Paige and Jacob do not get along well. It has been said that the two of them are mortal enemies.


  • "The meanest person we ever met."
    • Jacob, Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's backstory, season 2


Jacob and Heather have not known each other very long, but they do not like each other.


Duck is one of Jacob's favorite engines, and Jacob is one of Duck's favorite drivers. Duck always tried his best to help Jacob if he needs it.


Patriot and Jacob do not get along. In Patriot Returns Patriot says Jacob and Sierra driving engines is disgraceful, which made him, along with Duck, Sierra, and Percy, very cross.


Douglas and Jacob are very good friends. In Patriot Returns, Douglas calls Jacob one of the best engine drivers on the Island of Sodor, to which Donald, Percy, Gordon, Duck, and Diesel agree.

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