Jacob (full name Jacob Aaron Cranmer) is a human character.


Jacob is a kind, quiet boy. He is smart and a bit nerdy, but is also very boyish and loves to get his hands dirty. He is 14 years old. His best friend is Sierra and he is also best friends with Kira and Cassie . He is also very close with his cousin Rylie, who he describes as not only being his cousin, but his best friend too. His favorite color is neon green. His favorite engines are Duck and Oliver. He has a little sister named Caroline. In the first season episode Cassie's Birthday Surprise, it is revealed that his birthday is July 5th and that he is 8 days younger than Cassie. In the third season episode Homecoming, it is revealed that he has a crush on Katie.



  • Camdyn (cousin)
  • Maddox (cousin)
  • Paul (future uncle)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cranmer (parents)
  • Terry (grandfather)
  • Marcy (aunt)
  • Amber (aunt)
  • Marshall "Fuzzy" Cranmer (uncle)

Romantic Relationships




  • Sierra: "That can be arranged"
  • Jacob: "Sierra, you are not going to fight this guy.
  • S: "But..."
  • J: "I am"
  • S: "Well alright then."

~Jacob and Sierra, The Search For The Controllers Part 2

  • Jacob: "Who was that?"
  • Thomas: "That's Glynn. He was the original engine that ran this branch line."

~Jacob and Thomas about Glynn, Back In Service, season 1

  • "Well since we are going to take these passengers to Knapford,when we get there we are going to ask Sir Topham Hatt if we can cut away the weeds from around Glynn and take him to the Steamworks for Victor to fix him so he can run again."

~Jacob, Back In Service, season 1

  • Duck: What's wrong guys?
  • Sierra: Oh, nothing. We're just a little homesick.
  • Toad: But, ms. Sierra, how could you be sick of a wonderfull place like Sodor?
  • Jacob: No, Toad homesick means that we miss our home, not that we're sick of yours.
  • T: Oh, sorry, Mr. Jacob
  • J: That's alright, Toad. After, all you gave us a good laugh.

~Duck, Sierra, Jacob, and Toad, Homesick, season 1


Season 1

  • Childhood Memories
  • The Best Start To Summer
  • Cassie's Birthday Surprise

Season 2

  • Sierra's Birthday Adventure
  • Insignificant
  • Kids and Quarrels
  • Paige Returns
  • Crystal Island Adventure
  • Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's Backstory
  • Futbol

Season 3

  • The First Day
  • Jacob's Babysitting Adventure
  • Homecoming
  • Jacob, Mallory, Paige, and the Election
  • Jacob and the Bully
  • Jacob's Old Friend
  • The Talent Show
  • Jacob's Trip to the Hospital
  • Jacob and Connor
  • Jacob Gets Into Trouble
  • Jacob and Sierra's Big Scene
  • A Bad Day for Jacob
  • Jacob Gets Cleared
  • All Is Revealed

Season 4

  • Jacob and the Ghost Engine


  • The Search For the Controllers Part 2
  • The Search For The Controllers Part 3

He may appear in The New Bridge.


  • Out of all the original group of Kids , Jacob is the only one to only have speaking roles. Sierra, Kira, and Cassie, however, have each only had 1 non-speaking role.


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