Jack of Many Trades is the twenty-second episode of season 2.


After the Arlesburgh-Harwick Branch Line was finished, Oliver, Alfie, Jack, Max, and Monty were returning from the construction yard to Miss Jenny's Yard. The others were pleased to see them.

"Welcome back!" Said Kelly.

"Thank you, thank you!" Said Max triumphantly, "I know you're all thrilled to see me..."

"See you?" Retorted Monty, "No one wants to see you! You can't do anything right!"

"Um, yes I can!"

"Nuh-uh! I'm much stronger than you!"

"Not true!" Protested Max.

"Yes true!" Insisted Monty, "Additionally, I'm older; I'm wiser."

"You're older?" Asked Isobella, "Then why is Max #15 and you're #16? Besides, everyone always says 'Max and Monty,' not 'Monty and Max.'"

"Ugh? Why? Why?! WHY?!?" Groaned Monty, "Everyone thinks that! Miss Jenny bought Max first, so he's 15. I was built first!"

"You learn something every day," said Nelson quietly.

"So what?" Said Max, "I'm still stronger than you, you haggardly old crone!"

"I could haul tons!"

"I could haul tons of tones!"

"I bet I could load tons," Jack chimed in. There was a brief silence, then the Dump Truck twins burst out laughing.

"You?" Laughed Max.

"You can't lift an ounce!"

"I can too!" Said Jack, "I lifted Thomas on a broken bridge, and I lifted Stephen up, AND I threw a crate of dynamite..."

"High into the air nearly destroying everything in sight!" Interrupted Monty.

"Well, what did you do to help?" Snapped Alfie.

"Not cause any problems!" Said Monty.

"Safety First!" Mocked Max, "A rule you should live by, Jack."

"I do!"

"Face it," Max went on, "The one job you can do without screwing up is digging."

"Eh, can he even do that?" Said Monty.

The dump trucks laughed and rolled off to their shed.

"Oh, don't listen to them. Their jealous," said Isobella kindly.

"Yeah, yeah," said Jack. He had heard those words hundreds of time. "I'm... I'm gonna go sleep in the back shed." Jack rolled away. The others sat in silence until Alfie spoke up.

"I'll go with him," and the excavator followed his friend.

Jack was sitting in the back shed when Alfie rolled in.

"Jack, don't listen to Max and Monty," he said, "Like Isobella said, they're jealous."

"Of what?"

Alfie stammered. "Um, well... you... they..."

"Exactly! They're big, and strong, and fast. All I can do is..." He lifted his bucket in the air.

"But can they do that?" Asked Alfie.

"Well, no," said Jack.

"Well there's something! What would they do without you to load them?"

"You're right!" Said Jack, regaining confidence, "I can do anything they can do! No, I can do more than they can do!"

"That's the spirit!"

Jack went to sleep feeling better.

Next morning, Alfie woke up alone in the shed. Mr. Joel Stafford, the company foreman, came to see him. "Alfie, please be at Ffarquhar by 8. You and Jack are helping with blasting work."


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