• Loco123456

    Let's Save Thomas!

    November 4, 2017 by Loco123456

    Hello everyone,

    Please sign these petitions, even though they may be the same, we need all the support possible to get Edward and Henry back into having more screen time.

    Thank you!

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  • Jamesicranmer

    Hi guys. I recently interviewed head writer, Jacobacranmer and the following is what happened. 

    1. How do you come up with your characters?
    2. Which of the other writers do you like the most?
    3. Explain your writing style.
    4. You seem to focus mostly on the Minor characters of the television series. Why is that?
    5. Where do you get the inspiration for your episodes?
    6. Are you currently writing any episodes for season 4?
    7. What is your favorite episode of the TV series?
    8. What is your favorite season of the TV series?
    9. Whhat's your favorite special?
    10. Do you like the CGI series?
    11. What is your favorite episode on this wiki?

    1. "I usually base my characters off of my friends and family, and, in two cases, myself. For example, Sierra is based of of my best friend Sierra , who is ver…

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  • Jacobacranmer

    This blog is for my favorite episodes so far in the series.

    3. Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain Adventure - I loved writing this episode and giving Rylie , Skarloey , and Rheneas main roles.

    2. Quadruplets - It's the introduction of the Quadruplets, 4 of my favorite characters.

    1. Quads, Quarries, and Quarrels - This episode really begins to develop the characters of Dailey , Dawson , Damian , and David , 4 funny characters.

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  • Jacobacranmer

    Hey guys this is my first blog post as the title says. This one lists the episodes I had the most fun writing.

    3. Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain Adventure - It was fun to use the Skarloey Railway engines as main characters, especially Skarloey and Rheneas, and to remember The Runaway Elephant.

    2.Dockyard Tales - It brought me back to my childhood, remembering The Sad Story of Henry, Toad Stands By, and Cranky Bugs, 3 of my all time favorite episodes as well as Percy Jackson and the Olympians, my favorite book series.

    1. Memories, Sweet, Sweet Memories - It was fun writing my first story and referencing all the episodes I did, it really made me feel like a kid again remembering all of my favorite episodes from when I was little.

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