Best of Jacob is a DVD containing 5 episodes from season 1, 2 from season 2, 6 from season 3, and 1 from season 4.


Meet Jacob in his first adventures on Sodor. At the age of 14, he has gone on some pretty wild adventures with his engine friends. He even helped to bring Glynn back into service with the help of Sierra and Thomas.


  1. Rosie, Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome Trucks
  2. Back In Service
  3. Homesick
  4. Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain Adventure
  5. A Surprise for Jacob
  6. Kids and Quarrels
  7. Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's Backstory
  8. The First Day
  9. Jacob, Mallory, Paige, and the Election
  10. Jacob and the Bully
  11. Jacob's Trip to the Hospital
  12. Jacob and Connor
  13. Jacob and Sierra's Big Scene
  14. Jacob and the Ghost Engine


  • The episode Back In Service is referenced in the description.

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